Logo Design

Logo Design is where we shine! Years of experience has taught us a thing or two about logo design. Less is more, simple is memorable, use of colour is critical and arrangement matters.

If your logo is too busy your identity can be lost amongst the visual clutter. If your logo is complex, with no standout elements, your chance of making a lasting impression are diminished. The wrong colour, or combination of colour can say more about your brand than you realise – colours elicit many different responses and getting it right is critical. You can have the funkiest logo design EVER, but if the arrangement doesn’t work across all mediums; digital, print, signage etc. you may find yourself back at the drawing board.

With Shake Design, you can eliminate the stress of all these considerations because we have done the hard yards, we have learnt the valuable lessons and we have a track record that shows we do logo design very well.

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